WillowBrook Farm

Twisp-Carlton Rd, Carlton

The farm: We have been growing vegetables organically in Carlton for 18 years. Certified organic , small scale intensive style. learn more!

The work: General farm labor including, planting, harvest, weeding, weed eating, etc. 24-32 hours per week. Starting immediately. Minimum commitment: 1 month. *Housing may be available on-farm. Wages DOE.

The ideal candidate: The ideal candidate will have some farming experience, but it’s not mandatory. More important that they are hard working, focused, and adaptable.

Contact: Eric Wittenbach — (509) 997-9077, willowbrook39@yahoo.com


Hwy 20, Carlton

The farm: We grow 7 acres of diverse, heirloom organic vegetables. We provide weekly produce to 80+ Seattle chefs, and to our local farmers market. learn more!

The work: All facets of organic vegetable production: seeding, planting, weeding, harvesting, packing, distribution, and sales. We offer room and board, welcome children, and offer a drug-free work environment. 20-40 hours per week. Now - November. Minimum commitment: 1 month. *Housing available on-farm for full-season employees. Wages DOE.

The ideal candidate: Experience in agriculture is preferred, but not required! We love to teach folks about food and farming. An ideal candidate loves being outside, has a good work ethic, good attitude, and works well with others.

Contact: Annie Utigard — (509) 429-3330.

Sunny Pine Farm

Twisp River Road, Twisp

The farm: Organic goat dairy making chèvre, yogurt and feta. learn more!

The work: Help with making and packaging of product. Milk, feed, and water goats. Trim hooves, administer injections, give tattoos, dehorn goats. Fix fences. Change and move irrigation. 20-40 hours per week. March-December. Minimum commitment: 3 months. *Housing available on-farm. Wages DOE.

The ideal candidate: Someone with experience in working in agriculture or processing. Willing to train, but must have impeccable work ethic.

Contact: Tania Gonzalez Ortega — (509) 997-4812 or sunnypinedairy@gmail.com


McFarland Creek Rd, Methow

The farm: We raise a flock of approximately 40 sheep on about 12 acres of fenced divided pasture. learn more!

The work: Hand weeding in pasture (shovel work), minor fence maintenance and repair, stacking hay, brush removal, irrigation system maintenance and repair, general manual labor. 4-8 hours per week. April-October. Minimum commitment: 1 month. Wages DOE.

The ideal candidate: Someone who is physically adept, willing to work in hot weather, knows which end of a shovel to use, can operate a wheelbarrow, understands basic mechanical concepts, is comfortable around livestock and dogs, is not afraid to ask questions, shows up on time, and wants to learn.

Contact: Katie Haven — (206) 604-2218 or katie@thelambranch.com


E. Chewuch Rd, Winthrop

The farm: We grow 16 varieties of apples for cider and juice -- plus pears, blueberries and quince on our 6-acre orchard. learn more!

The work: Helping apple trees grow with tender loving care. The main activities include pruning, thinning, weeding and picking. Wages DOE.

The ideal candidate: A diligent helper that can assist our Orchard Manager with arbor-related chores.

Contact: Richard Wasson — (509) 341-4354 or methowcider@gmail.com

Ruby Slippers farm


The farm: Ruby Slippers Farms produces: mixed row-crop veggies, specialty melons, peonies. We market as much as possible within our Bio Region and on the Coast of WA. We have a non-subscription CSA: Grab N Go. Our practices include: regenerative agriculture, Korean Natural Farming, minimal till, Vermiculture, BioChar, we view all organic materials produced on the farm as resources- not waste. We love what we do and respect the love and labor and our customers, as well as the land. learn more!

The work: Ruby Slippers Farms is seeking a motivated person to drive our farm truck to two farmers’ markets in Seattle. The markets are a blast as well as real work. There will also be (at least) one day a week of work on the farm. 25-40 hours per week. March-October. Minimum commitment: 5 months. Wages DOE. *Housing possibly available on-farm.

The ideal candidate: Motivated and disciplined; able to lift 40 lbs. A good marketer will be able to learn our farm practices thru hands-on and be able to talk about the qualities of all the varieties and provide excellent customer service. I will be with you at the markets for several weeks for training.

Contact: Cloudbird Bonin — (509) 997-2348 or cloudbird3@gmail.com

Twisp River Organic Apples

Twisp River Road, Twisp

The farm: We have 270 trees on one acre with 30 varieties of organic apples, pears and cherries. We sell locally at the Farmer’s Market, and direct sales from the farm. learn more!

The work: Orchard work with tree training, thinning fruit, irrigation, possible fence repair, weeding, harvesting. 6-10 hours per week. June-October. Minimum commitment: 2 month. Wages DOE.

The ideal candidate: Flexible, likes to work outside, self reliant.

Contact: Richard and Jocelyn Murray — (509) 997-2819 or twispapples@gmail.com