products: Custom butchered lamb (whole or half), fiber products including yarn, roving, batts, felt, and hand knit items.

about us: We raise Romney and Cormo cross sheep for both fiber and meat. Our philosophy is to use the least invasive and most humane methods possible. Our flock is rotated through several fenced pastures, which are irrigated with gravity fed water from the creek. In the winter, the flock feeds on alfalfa hay that is grown by our neighbors (not certified organic, but no chemicals are used). We hand pull weeds in order to avoid using herbicides, and use a garlic treatment along with the pasture rotation to control parasites. We do not routinely administer any drugs to our sheep, although on the rare occasion where there is a serious wound, we will use penicillin as recommended by the vet. We live on the edge of wilderness, so predators are an issue. We are committed to a live and let live philosophy, so have invested in secure fencing and a team of Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGDs) to protect the flock.

where to find our products: on-line store (on our web site), Twisted Knitters (Twisp), the Mazama Store (Mazama), Wooley Mamas (Omak), occasional holiday craft markets in the Methow.

contact: Bill Tackman and Katie Haven

(509) 923-1916

135 McFarland Creek Rd, Methow, WA 98834

PO Box 510, Methow, WA 98834

*visitors welcome by appointment