• Farmers and ranchers

  • Aspiring farmers

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Washington State University Extension

*your best resource for challenging questions about crops and livestock!

Okanogan Office: (509) 422 7245

1234 2nd Ave South

Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS)

*grant programs for on-farm conservation planning and practices

Okanogan Office: (509) 422-2750

1251 Second Avenue South, Suite 101

Washington State Department of Agriculture, Small Farm Team

*diverse programs and information to increase the economic viability of small farms.

(206) 256-6157 or

Farm Service Agency (FSA)

*farm loan programs

Okanogan Office: (509) 422-2767

1251 Second Avenue South, Suite 103

Okanogan Conservation District

*grants and educational programs for on-farm conservation practices

(509) 422-0855

1251 Second Avenue South

Okanogan Pest Control Board

*information for control of regional horticultural pest and diseases

Dan McCarthy, agent (509) 322-1286

Washington State University (WSU) Tree Fruit Extension

*wealth of information and current research for managing tree fruits in our region.


Washington State University Extension

*a great resource for beginning and aspiring farmers!

Okanogan Office: (509) 422 7245

1234 2nd Ave South

WSU Cultivating Success Classes

*A comprehensive, 8-part class for beginning and aspiring farmers

Wenatchee Valley College

*Offers courses in diverse agricultural topics.

Tilth Alliance Annual Conference

*a great opportunity for beginning and aspiring farmers to network with other farmers and resource providers! Takes place in mid November ever year.

Methow Conservancy’s Agricultural Program. We love to talk with aspiring farmers of the Methow Valley. Please don’t hesitate to reach out! or (509) 996-5873


  • Check out Methow Made, a program to promote artisan goods and food products made in the Methow Valley, including tasty products from some of our farms.

  • LEND YOUR LAND to a local farmer or rancher! If you have farmable land in the Methow Valley that you would like to see a farmer use, please let the Methow Conservancy’s Agricultural Coordinator know! You can contact her directly at OR you can complete this simple form to let her know about your land and your interests.

  • CONSIDER donating to the Methow Conservancy and supporting our diverse efforts to ensure a vibrant future for our local farms and ranches.